Why People Are So Fond Of Accusing Others

It hurts me so much when people try to accuse me for something I did not do. I’m pretty sure everyone feels the same way, don’t you? But why is it that  people are so fond of accusing others? I reflected on this for quite some time and realized some things. I, too, when in peak of emotions, accuse other people. But putting myself on their shoes, I realized I should not, or at least minimize accusing other people. It is not always that you get the right person when you charge, right? Imagine this. You impeach a person for something you think he did, you hurt his feelings, you made a sin to God, and you got the wrong person. How would you feel about it? We always fall for chances, for what we think is right. But it is not. Let us try to minimize doing this. Let us try to avoid hurting feelings. Let us stop accusing.


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